Fish Tales

Fish Tales 1.0

Fish Tales is an action game developed by Media Contact LLC
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Media Contact LLC

Fish Tales is an action game developed by Media Contact LLC and published at where you will be able to download it totally for free. So to play Fish Tales you only have to get it and install it. The rest will be just to follow the options in the menu.

You will have to survive the dangers of the sea following the nature’s law and fulfilling some easy tasks.
Fish Tales is a game very simple to control and understand: you play the role of a small fish and your goal is to grow by eating fishes which are smaller than you. But be careful, because there is always a bigger fish, and you will definitely have to avoid it, other way it will eat you.

The game has a nice and colourful graphics section where you will find cartoon-like sea bottom environments full of all sorts of living entities.
This title also brings a very relaxing soundtrack; Fish Tales will allow you to relax while playing. Additionally you will find a "Relax" option in the main menu which will transform the game into a relaxing and funny screensaver with a soothing music.

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